62 years of marriage and still “sweet” on each other

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, bouquets of flowers, and sentimental cards are on the minds of many as Valentine’s Day approaches. It has a way of bringing out the romantic side of people, and thinking about the relationships in people’s lives. 

How to start a new relationship, how to tell that special someone about the way you feel, how to make a relationship healthy and last a long time are all questions that might be occupying the minds of many during this season.

A long, lasting and healthy relationship is an accomplishment, and one that begs the question, “what is your secret?”

Well, according to Dick Hufford, the secret is sticking out the tough times, and sticking together. He has been married to his wife, Myrna, for 62 years, and still wakes up every morning happy to spend time with her, and this past Thanksgiving, even said that what he was most thankful for was Myrna Hufford.

Over sixty years ago, the pair met a wedding dance in Alberta – a romantic occasion that set them on a decades long journey together. 

Residing on a farm just north of Morris, Dick and Myrna had three sons: Jeff, Kirby, and John. A houseful of boys could certainly be a handful, and with that territory came an abundance of work, cooking, and laundry. “You just had to do what you had to do,” Myrna said. Dick says that the boys could be a lot of work, and may have even contributed to the graying of his hair, but they are good kids. Dick also says he has many memories of driving tractor with Myrna and the boys. “Not everyone says that about their kids,” Dick adds, “but ours are good.”

Each week on Sunday, the Huffords are escorted to church by one of their sons.

The Huffords also have five grandchildren and three great grandchildren, adding three generations to their family. 

Dick says that his favorite thing about Myrna is that she is his wife, and Myrna says that Dick has many great traits.

After more than six decades of being each other’s Valentine, Myrna made a card for Dick that reads, “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.” 

Some times may be tough, but it all works out,” says Myrna, “I’m lucky to have him.”