An early Christmas gift

When a gift finds its way to you, you really shouldn’t refuse it. This is something that doesn’t happen often but last weekend an early Christmas gift (actually two gifts) found their way to the home of my daughter and her family. Early Saturday morning they heard the meowing of a cat. Upon investigating, they found two tiny and very cold kittens curled up under their deck with one scurrying quickly  into their garage. 

You can’t just leave two kittens out in the cold so they managed to capture them and bring them indoors. They were hungry, thirsty and very scared of humans. Once they had their tummies full they searched for places to hide from the bigger people who just wanted to hold and cuddle them. Tammy and the girls fixed up a bed for them and kept them in the spare room for their own safety. 

My daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters are already in love with these tiny cats who found their way to their home. Even though they hissed, scratched and bit in protest they slowly warmed up to the nurturing environment. There was a female and a male, we assume brother and sister, with the male being very feisty.

The girls named them cocoa (for hot cocoa) and Rudolph for the reindeer. However, Rudolph was soon called rudie as he was very rude to people. Cocoa didn’t mind being held for small amounts of time but would rather play even trying to catch her own tail. I had forgotten how entertaining kittens can be.

Tammy and her family had a cat for 16 years but had to put her down last year. This summer they decided they were simply too busy for a pet and set their minds to no longer having a house pet. These two kittens have now changed their minds. They are hoping to tame them better and maybe find a good home for one and keep the other. I have a feeling that once tamed, it will be hard to part with either one. I even considered taking one, but quickly changed my mind.

Christmas came early to their household and in a very unexpected way. I told them that they were destined to have a cat and I was secretly pleased to have another fur grandbaby. I lost two of them this year. I can’t wait to visit their home and watch these kittens grow, get into mischief and make their way into the hearts of this family.