Carnivals are not just fun and games

Gail and Greg Hughes own the Family Fun Show Carnival that comes to Morris every year for the Stevens County Fair. Katie Erdman / Stevens County Times

It may be the kaleidoscope music that draws you in or even the twinkling lights that glow both day and night. But most likely it is the thrill of spinning round and round or up and down that makes people fall in love with the carnival. Music, lights and thrills are all part of the carnival but if you look behind the scenes you will find a lot more.

Last week the Family Fun Show Carnival made its 22nd annual visit to the Stevens County Fair. Greg and Gail Hughes own most of the carnival and do all the business type work. They travel with other family members who own some of the rides and concessions. It is truly a family business with their over 17 other employees as ‘adoptive’ family members. Spending weeks and months together makes you very close.

Full story in Tuesday’s Stevens County Times.