LETTER: Is U.S. Complicit In War Crimes?

I have friends in the West Bank, Palestinian Territory.  They’ve shared stories of living under the oppressive Israeli-occupation. The West Bank, by international law, is Palestinian territory. Yet, for years, Israel has been building illegal “settlements” there.  750,000 Israelis now live there illegally.   Over decades, thousands of Palestinians have fled and been displaced.  Every day, Palestinians experience violence

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The Politics Of Hate And Lies

Over the last five years, I unfriended a handful of Trump supporters on Facebook, but I did not do so because of their politics—people can support whatever politician they want. I unfriended them for frequently spreading misinformation in order to inspire hate of others. For instance, some said things about universities and professors that were

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Thank Our Officers

Letters to the Editor. It is frustrating to be a cop these days. We hire a guy or gal to do a job, a job too rotten for us to do. Then we isolate them, fight them, ignore them. It’s been going on for years, and it is getting worse. Good men and women are

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