Celebrating a big milestone

As I drove through the streets of Hancock last week, I felt a surge of pride. This  community will be celebrating 150 years of existence this weekend and there is so much to be thankful for and appreciate. We are a very strong, caring community. Not large in population, but huge in people who consider it home.

We have had ups and downs. We have had tragedies and celebrations. We have said goodbye to many people we came to care about and welcomed new people to the area. We have not only welcomed them but embraced their culture and way of life. We are a small town on the prairie, many people asking exactly where it is, but this town is a huge part of the lives of so many people.

When I think of Hancock there are so many emotions that come to mind but one of the top things is pride. We are proud of our young people when they accomplish their dreams. We are proud of our homes, school, streets and parks. We are proud of the variety of heritages and learn from each other. We are very proud of our churches and church families who we can rely on in difficult times. Even though we are proud of our town, we are also humble and caring. 

I can’t wait to visit with the many people who plan to return to Hancock this weekend for reunions and to help celebrate this milestone year. I hope to hear many great stories from the past and compliments on the school and community. It is not an easy celebration for a small town to pull off but I am confident that if any place can do it in style, that will be Hancock.

See you in Hancock July 1-4! Make sure to pick up one of the free Hancock 150th history books in one of our businesses or at the Stevens County Times office in Morris.