Facebook facts and fiction

I have to admit that I look at Facebook several times a day. I like the opportunity to keep up with friends and see pictures of people you do not see very often. I will also read a lot of the rhetoric and exchanges that take place about social issues. Sometimes I agree and hit the like icon but when I disagree, I simply ignore it. 

That is an important thing to learn about Facebook. Not everything posted there is true and sometimes people may even purposely say false things to stir up discussion. I have seen sites  where people pour out their thoughts and opinions very openly. But others need to remember that it is their opinion and not necessarily the truth.

I sometimes see posts that hint at something negative about a famous star. Instead of tapping on the link which is encouraged, I will google that star and see if it is true. About 99% of the time it is not and they just want you to click on the link so they can get your information.

Even though I know that many of the things posted on Facebook may not be true, I still enjoy looking at it. I am sometimes astonished by what people are thinking about certain things and how negatively they can express their feelings about something.

Personally I like to look at the positive side. If there is something I don’t like about a community, business or organization, I don’t focus on the bad but rather try to see the good things. I have heard people who say very bad things about a community but if they are ever in need after a devastating loss, the people in that same community are the ones who help. The same things can be said about local businesses and organizations. They would not stop for a minute to deny help to someone even if they posted something negative about them.

Some people tell me that they quit using Facebook because of all the negativity and advertisements. I have not reached that point yet and I am trying to figure out a way to block some of the advertising. Maybe soon my Facebook page will look the way it was intended to look, a place to share achievements, friendships and basically stay in touch with people both near and far.