Hancock Council approves moving on with Fire Department

The Hancock City Council approved allowing Widseth to do the design plan for a new Fire Hall and improvements to the current Community Center and Fire Hall. The design plan will cost $62,900 and means that the council is committed to moving forward with the project. It was the consensus of the council members at their meeting on November 14 to keep the ball rolling and move forward with the construction.

Once the plans are finalized the council can take further steps to get bids for construction next summer. This part of the plan will also help them know the cost estimates for the construction which will include two new fire truck bays, a hose tower, meeting room, restrooms and remodeling of the current building. 

The City Council also heard from a resident of the city who was opposed to the monthly service charge for utilities even when water is not being used. This person plans to go south for the winter but does not feel he should be charged the $55 monthly access fee.

The council members explained that this fee pays for the ponds and the access to city sewer and water. Even if he does not use the water service, he may still use the sewer lines and is connected to the lines providing availability.

The Personnel Committee met and discussed the Cost of Living Average or COLA and made a recommendation of a 3.5% wage increase for employees next year. This was the most feasible amount they agreed on as a result of the discussion.

At last month’s meeting, Librarian Heidi Llindor submitted her resignation. However, since that time a new plan has been put in place. Lindor will report twice a month for reporting duties during the months of September-May. The three days the library is open will be covered by Paula Feuchtenberger, Kelli Joos and Faith Schmidgall. Then during the months of June-August Lindor will work all of the three days the library is open. Therefore Lindor was re-installed as the Library Director with the responsibility of staffing the library sufficiently.