Herbs, roots, bark and leaves can be good for your body

Can you imagine consuming fenugreek seed, dill seed, fennel seed, chamomile flower and catnip leaf? It may not sound appetizing but could be combined into a formula that will relieve a baby’s colic.

There are hundreds of herbs in this world and with the correct combinations, they can be used for medicinal purposes.

Mindy Joos is a former Registered Nurse who used to roll her eyes when people would suggest some of these natural remedies. However, when her children were young, she started to think differently.

“One of my children kept getting ear infections,” she explained. “I started to try some different things at home to help relieve this.”

One thing she learned about was a combination of oil, garlic and mullein that was combined to form an ear drop. She started to see good results and then wondered what else she could do to help her family.

That led to reading books, taking some classes, and talking to other people about using herbs for natural remedies. In 2015 she had a small cupboard in her home filled with remedies for her family and some friends.

In 2018, some of her friends were visiting Walnut Creek, Ohio. There they learned of a family who was making DIY natural remedy kits and their business had grown to a point where they no longer wanted the work. They were interested in selling Walnut Creek Botanicals.

Mindy and her husband, Jonathan, purchased the business and moved it to their home located between Morris and Hancock near the Pomme de Terre addition. Mindy set up shop in her basement and did most of the mixing of products there. They eventually outgrew this space and realized that the products they were making needed to be properly licensed.

Getting the Minnesota Department of Agriculture license was a big learning curve. There were countless requirements that had to be met in order for them to legally sell to the public. They also wanted to expand into an online marketplace. Doing this in the basement was no longer feasible.

Since Jonathan is a carpenter and part owner of KJH Builders, they decided to add on to the home and make an addition filled with the required stainless-steel equipment and also the storage needed for the over 100 herbs used in the kits. Work was completed and a website was designed. Summer Anderson Design of Morris helped establish a social media following and regularly posts for the company.

If you visit the website for Walnut Creek Botanicals, (walnutcreekbotanicals.com) you will find a complete list of the products they offer and the recommended use for these products. All of the formulations come from herbalists with years of experience working with herbs.

Walnut Creek Botanicals sell kits with the needed ingredients, instructions and supplies to make the tinctures or salves. A tincture is an herbal liquid extract. They are potent, shelf stable and have long shelf life. The tinctures made with the kits can aid the immune, respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous, digestive, oral, endocrine/urinary, female and male systems. There are 30 different kits available that can aid things like backed up bowels, dental health, digestion, kidney and bladder problems and even sleep aids. There are special formulas for the needs of women and other formulas for the needs of men.

In each kit is the mixture of herbs and instructions on how to make the tincture. Making tinctures requires soaking the herbs in a liquid such as vodka or glycerin. These will soak for several weeks, and the liquid is then strained through the provided cloth bag. This will create a tincture that can be taken orally. Two to three droppers a couple times a day is usually the dosage. It is a really easy process! The kits can save the customers a lot of money compared to buying commercial prepared ones. It is also a benefit to know exactly what goes into your products.

Some of the kits also make a salve for healing or aches. These herbs are mixed with oil, beeswax and vitamin E which is a preservative. These kits make three large and three small tins. It can be used on cuts, burns, arthritis or other body aches.

Each of these kits is assembled in the workshop attached to the Joos home. Mindy, her children and one employee make kits once a week. She ships out orders daily. There is a large storeroom that contains over 100 different ingredients for the kits. Jonathan also helps a lot with the business, especially when hauling is needed.

If you are not inclined to make your own product from a kit, there are also some pre-made tinctures, salves and oils available to try. There are eight different types of teas and an herbal blend for tissue and bone health. There are also special products for healthy hair and wound healing. If you want to simply learn more about some of the products, Mindy has books available to read about natural herbal care.

Besides the health care products, their store also offers their farm fresh eggs, goat milk, honey, and maple syrup.

Mindy emphasized that she is not against regular medical care and is thankful that it is available. However, sometimes there are more natural ways of helping with what ails a person and it is rewarding to be able to treat things at home before there is a need to go to the doctor.

Mindy feels that these natural herbs, roots and other products are part of God’s creation and perhaps have a different purpose than just looking at them.

“I believe that God made them, and He knew what He was doing,” she stated.

Mindy invites you to stop by the store at 25344 State Highway 9 or visit their website and see what Walnut Creek Botanicals has to offer. She is willing to answer any questions you may have regarding her products.