It was a grand weekend

There are not enough words to express how wonderful the Hancock 150th celebration turned out to be. The committee members did an amazing job, kept everyone very entertained throughout and created some wonderful memories for the people who came to help celebrate.

I understand that the wrestling reunion on Friday night at Buddies was great. This was not one of the planned events but I saw some great pictures and I can just imagine the stories that were shared.

On Saturday, the biggest event took place on the golf course between Hancock and Morris. There 31 teams of four hit golf balls around the course (and sometimes into the holes)  raising money for the Hancock Athletic Boosters Club. It was such beautiful weather and I hear that everyone had a great time. That weather held out for the music at Buddies on Saturday night where many classmates and friends gathered for mini reunions.

Sunday was a big day for me as my high school class held their 50th reunion. I kept telling people that I was only five when I graduated but they didn’t believe me. I will write about that next week in my column. I have been told that the car show, historical tours and history display on that day were great. 

Before our class reunion a good size group took the school tour and even though I am at the school often, I was amazed at what was there. Everyone on the tour was also very impressed. The school looked great and Principal Tim Pahl was a perfect tour guide. 

Monday was so much fun. The parades, music, food, games and so many opportunities to catch up with friends and family. The band was outstanding, thank you so much for continuing to march in this parade. The floats were fun and beautiful, it is impossible to get all the pictures in so watch our web site for others. The Kiddie Parade was great with the kids decorating, not just themselves, but also bikes, scooters, wagons, and other forms of transportation. I enjoyed seeing all the happy faces of the children going through the parade and playing games afterward. I was one of the happy faces enjoying the great food in the Food Alley.

There were a few events I could not get to but I have heard compliments and seen many wonderful pictures. However, the best was left for last with the outstanding fireworks display that sent so many people on their way with great memories and a huge smile on their faces. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special event.