Enjoying my new visitors

Our grandson stopped in to see my husband and myself a couple times this week. That may not seem like something to write about but is very unique to us. For all of his life he has lived 2-3 hours away so these brief stops to chat are amazing.

Through him we are also learning more about campus life at the University of Minnesota Morris. We have been around students and staff for years and I even have family and friends who worked there, but now we are able to see it from the perspective of a student.

Tristyn along with his roommate and friend, Heath, have been busy since they moved in last weekend. The University had so many things planned for the new students that they didn’t even have time to come for a meal during those first few days. However, after things started to settle down they ventured over for some short visits. Granted on both days they had to pick up packages that were delivered to our house, but we will take the visits any way they come.

They are also enjoying the many things the community has been doing to welcome them. They attended the Welcome Picnic and loved the great food. They went to the Pizza Ranch for the discounted buffet. They have been exploring the campus, finding their classrooms and meeting a lot of new friends.

It is a wonderful feeling to hear them talk about hanging out with the people in their dorm or even with the football players. They stayed up late one night with a group playing video games in the lounge. They are definitely making new friends and memories. 

We invited them to go fishing with grandpa this weekend but they already have plans for the weekend. That is ok, they need to find their way as they pursue this further education.

And naturally during every visit we tell them that we are here for them. If they need help in any way we have encouraged them to reach out to us or our daughter. 

Because we are here to help them when needed, our son and his wife felt much better about leaving their first-born at a college several hours away. They know that he will always have someone to ask for help and even stop in for a short visit or meal. I can’t wait for many more of these short but sweet visits.