Morris Residents And Social Justice

Having lived in Morris for nearly 17 years now, I have learned much about the people here. For the most part, they are strong and determined, and they take much pride in their work and families. But above all, Morris residents have a quiet but intense sense of justice, so if they are wronged, they will seek to right the wrong in the best way they can.

Imagine for a moment that someone took away the homes of Morris residents whose families have resided here for more than 100 years. You can be certain that those Morris residents would do everything in their power to get their homes back.

The Nakba is an Arabic word for what happened to the Palestinians in 1948, when approximately 700,000 were forced to leave their homes because their land was given to Israelis. 

In 2019, I visited Israel and Palestine, and the differences in the living conditions between Israelis and Palestinians is simply impossible to overlook. As one Palestinian told me during my time there, hope is no longer a word in his vocabulary.

What Hamas did is horrific, unconscionable, and barbaric.

In his recent letter to the editor (Nov. 28), Dan Belgum wonders if the United States is complicit in war crimes because of the current atrocities committed against the Palestinians in Gaza. To my mind, that is a legitimate question. But I wonder what average Morris residents would do had someone stolen their land and home and forced them to live in exile. 

Michael Lackey