Nazarian granted bail and Conditional Release

Jessica Nazarian appeared before Judge Stephanie Beckman via zoom at a bail condition hearing on June 21. Nazarian has been in jail since being charged with three felony counts related to a stabbing at Divine House on February 13, 2022. Bail was initially set at $500,000 unconditional, and $250,000 conditional.

The defense attorney for Nazarian requested a reduction of bail, specifically the conditional bail. It was requested that bail be set at $25,000 conditional, and the defendant wear an ankle monitor and be on house arrest. Counsel argued that Miss Nazarian is not a flight risk as she would be released to her father who is her appointed guardian. 

The State requested that bail and conditions remain the same. They can see that she is doing better than when the case began, however, there were no indications prior to the incident to indicate that she would commit the crime, so they argue that there is risk to the public if Nazarian is released.

Judge Beckman stated that the court looks at the defendant’s ability to meet the conditions and if she is a danger to others. Public safety is paramount to the court, but Nazarian has no criminal history and was experiencing some sort of event. It was decided to set bail at $25,000 with the following conditions: Electronic monitoring, house arrest, cannot leave home except for medical appointments and otherwise approved through probations. She must notify the court of any address changes, not have contact with the victim or family, undergo drug testing, remain law abiding, remain in contact with attorneys, plus other conditions. 

The next court date is yet to be determined.