Never too young to create beautiful cakes

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to baking. You can start as soon as you can manage a mixer or oven safely and it doesn’t stop from there. In fact, if baking is a passion, you might even start earlier with an Easy Bake Oven.

Kendal Fischer, daughter of Josh and Tanya Fischer of Morris, is 14 years old and has been baking cakes for a large portion of her life. That passion turned into a business a few years ago called Kendal’s Kakery. Her beautiful cakes have become quite popular and she finds new challenges with each order.

Baking really took on a large role in Kendal’s life during Covid. With at home learning and no after school activities, she turned to learning more about cake decorating. She had fond memories of her great- grandmother who also decorated cakes as a business and would bake small cakes for the grandkids and let them decorate before eating.

At Christmas in 2019, ‘Santa’ gave her a gift that moved the love along. He gave her a cake decorating kit complete with tools and designs to give it a try. She tried it out immediately and her first cake was one she would take along to her grandparents home for Christmas. 

As Covid continued, Kendal tried new things. One unique item she does is to make her own macarons to decorate the cakes. This is a french sandwich cookie made with almond flour and buttercream frosting in between. The first macarons she sold resembled a Christmas tree with different sizes stacked on top of each other and then decorated.

People learned of her cake decorating skill and started to ask her to make cakes for them. The first thing she did was obtain her Cottage Bakers License to make the sales legal. She read through the materials and made sure all her equipment and products were in compliance and made labels for the cakes that include her Cottage License number. This license sets a limit on how much she can sell and for how much she can sell the product..

Soon Kendal was asked to make cakes for weddings, baptisms, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Her business grew to where she was filling about one order a week or on average, 2-4 per month. She would find out from the customer what they were looking for in design and color and take it from there.

Her baptism cakes often feature a gold cross on top or the sides. A cake she made for her grandparents’ anniversary had a red heart made out of raspberry filling on the top. Some of her birthday cakes have been unique with a minecraft design and even a bulldozer and dump truck. One baseball fan received the perfect Twins cake where Kendal painted on the Twins logo and added baseballs on the sides.

This year she made several graduation cakes and said it was fun when someone just gave her a theme or color and let her design it. The customers were never disappointed and the graduates were thrilled with her creations. 

Her wedding cakes have all types of designs with flowers, roses, and hearts and sometimes include macaroons. One unique request for a wedding cake was for orange flavor with her delicious buttercream frosting. She has several flavors of cake including chocolate, vanilla, marble, lemon, red velvet and her most recent addition, coffee mocha. One of the  wedding cakes Kendal made was for her cousin Haleigh’s wedding. This was her first ever two-tier cake and one of her favorites. 

She also has different types of fillings and frosting flavors. She has her traditional buttercream frosting but can also do chocolate, cookie dough, raspberry, almond, peanut butter, oreo, cream cheese, cinnamon buttercream and the newest – salted caramel. Her fillings include lemon, raspberry along with any of the frosting flavors. Most of her flavors are recipes she has tweaked to make them her own. 

Kendal also makes cupcakes in many colors and flavors. One of her favorites is the filled cupcakes. She received a device called a cup core that she uses to dig out the center of a cupcake. She can then fill it with any type of filling and replace the core before frosting. The cupcakes can have lots of different toppings, even her macarons. Her brothers, one older and one younger, sometimes help with large orders but are mainly her ‘quality control’ guys or basically the taste testers.

One of the favorite cakes Kendal made was for her best friend, Andelys Berberi. It was a sage green watercolor cake with white and gold flakes. It turned out beautiful and was a perfect gift for her friend. She has also made birthday cakes for other good friends Ave Lanoui, Braelyn Hamling and ruby Lhotka.

Kendal usually purchases frosting in bags for the piping on her cakes. Her frosting is all homemade and the bags are disposable as that is easier. She has several tips to put on the bags for different types of piping. She also purchases some of the non-edible decor. Another big purchase for her are the boxes to put the cakes in which are bought in bulk.

Her parents feel that this is a great learning experience for their daughter. The money she makes is put into a fund for her college with just a little left for Kendal to spend. However, Kendal admits that it is hard to spend that money after all the work she puts into earning it. 

“So often when you think back to Covid, it is with a negative feel,” stated Josh Fischer. “Stories like this make it more positive. Kendal and her cakes have become part of many memorable days for other people and affect their lives.”

Kendal is always looking for new ideas. She browses at Hobby Lobby and Joann Fabrics in the cake decorating aisles. She looks on-line, especially on pinterest for new ideas. She is open to suggestions from her customers and willing to try new things in both design and flavor.

When Kendal thinks back to her first baking experience she thinks about that Easy Bake Oven but also about decorating a cake with her great grandmother. She remembers the joy of helping her mom with Christmas candy and being the “professional truffle dipper.” She loved to decorate the sugar cookies and make fun designs.

As far as the future goes, Kendal’s dream is to become a dancer as that is her favorite activity right now. Then maybe when she can no longer dance, she might just open her own bakery and share her delicious and beautiful creations once again. Right now she just wants to thank the many people who have trusted her to make the cake for their special occasions and supported Kendal’s Kakery.