April 11, 2021

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Hancock school monitoring the distance learning

By Supt. Paul Carlson

The Hancock School started their second week of distance learning and have embraced doing things differently, staying positive, and knowing this will be evolving. “I am continually impressed with the creativity of our staff and students and the support of our parents,” stated Supt. Paul Carlson from Hancock.

The school is in the process of analyzing survey feedback they are receiving from parents. So far, 98 percent of the parents have responded positively that the distance learning plan is working. “It is not perfect,” Carlson added, “but for the most part things are going very well. We will be making improvements based on feedback.”

As far as report cards, honor rolls and grade advancement goes, they are still working on the details. They plan to follow the school calendar and feel very fortunate that the teachers had the opportunity to spend seven months with the students prior to implementing distance learning.

Carlson feels there will be some type of public recognition and ceremony for the Class of 2020, they are just not sure when. They will continue to monitor the Governor’s Executive Orders and make the necessary changes.