March 4, 2021

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Morris Area, Chokio-Alberta and Hancock to open school all in-person Sept. 8

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Schools in Stevens County will be opening on Sept. 8 with all students in the classroom. According to guidelines released by the Minnesota Department of Education and Center for Disease Control, the case numbers in the county will allow for In-person education for all ages. This will mean that as long as there is not a huge increase in cases in the county, students will be able to go back to school as usually on Sept. 8.

There will be some additional guidelines that will need to be followed and these are still being worked out by the districts. Technically for the Morris Area and Hancock schools, the in-person model will not be official until approved by the respective boards of education at each school. The Hancock School board meets on Aug. 17 and Morris Area on Aug. 24.

“As of right now our plan is to start school on Sept. 8 in person with all students,” stated Supt Paul Carlson of Hancock Public Schools. “The school board will be acting on a resolution to finalize this announcement at their Aug. 17 meeting.”

“With the numbers looking good in Stevens County, we are hoping to start school face to face on Sept. 8,” stated Supt. Troy Ferguson of Morris Area Schools. “We are putting the finishing touches on our framework for returning and will send that to stakeholders. The board will consider and vote on the resolution to finalize at the Aug. 24 board meeting.”

Last week, Morris Area Schools sent stakeholders the district’s Return To School Framework along with additional questions related to parental distance learning choice and their transportation intentions.   If parents choose distance learning, their student will need to commit to distance learning the whole quarter.  Parents can revisit this decision each quarter if they choose.  Please contact your school’s office if you plan to enroll your student in distance learning.

Katie Erdman