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Morris Area ‘Genius Team’ takes on streaming challenge

You often hear that if you can’t figure out how to run your computer or phone, just ask a kid. They seem to know the ins and outs of all kinds of technical issues and can quickly fix the problems.

When COVID-19 hit last spring, school districts found that they would be relying much more heavily on technology for just about every aspect of teaching. Now, with capacity limits and other restrictions, that technology has had to be stretched even further. 

The Morris Area Schools found a way to meet those needs. What did they do? They asked the kids.

Morris Area Schools has had a group called the Google Genius Team for several years. This is a group of students in grade 7-12 with above average technology abilities. There isn’t  specific criteria to be on the team other than being very tech savvy. The current members came highly recommended by teachers, staff members, and fellow students. The team includes Travis Fults, Carter Fults, Logan Michaelson, Kaedan Fischer, Jack Mahoney, and Damon Lanoue.

Full story, including quotes from Technology Director Austen Miller and Genius team members Kaeden Fischer, Travis Fults and Logan Michaelson, in the Stevens County Times e-edition here.

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