April 13, 2021

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Mr. Berget and the Berlingers

Kyle Berget with the Berlinger children

An influential teacher in the life of Kyle Berget, not only inspired him to teach but also led to giving inspiration to each student he taught. Berget retired this year after teaching for 30 years at Morris Area Elementary. However, he states that his junior high math teacher in Hancock, Mrs. Francis Van Zommeran, was the one who inspired him to teach.

Van Zommeren not only taught him math but was kind and patient with a young man who was not the most focused kid in school. Berget took those qualities and spent his teaching career in Morris passing them on to his own students. A unique aspect of Berget’s teaching career and retirement was that he taught all five of the children of Mark and Nicole Berlinger, the youngest just this past year. 

Emma Berlinger had Mr. Berget during the 2011-12 school year, Tyler in 2013-14, Kelly in 2014-15, Leah in 2017-18, and Molly just this last year. Each of them remembers having around 20 students in the classroom.

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Katie Erdman