March 2, 2021

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On the inside looking out

Marcella Hanson waves to the children from the Morris Area Child Care Center during a window visit. Submitted photo

There has been a huge concern for people in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is because they are among the most vulnerable to die if they contract the disease. If the virus hits a facility, quite often several people can succumb to it.

The residents of West Wind Village in Morris, a long-term care facility, want the public to know that, while they miss seeing people, they are doing fine. They are actually more worried about those of us who are out facing the disease head-on.

Mary Ann Mayhew and Marcella Hanson shared what it has been like for them as they are sheltered at West Wind Village. Mary Ann stated that they miss their families. She added that her family is very touchy-feely so hugs and kisses are regular parts of their visits. Now when her nieces stop by her window for a visit, there is no touching, only smiles and waves.

Marcella stated that her family lives in California and have been trying to plan a trip to come and see her. However, with all the restrictions, they keep putting that visit off. She looks forward to their nightly phone calls and also has some nieces in the area who stop by her window for a visit.


Katie Erdman