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Recipes at the click of a mouse

Not so long ago, if you wanted a recipe, you would search through the large collection of recipe books in your kitchen. Or you would browse your favorites in a recipe box and pull out scribbled notes from friends. Those searches often resulted in hours of reading, contemplating and wondering how the recipe might look or fit your needs. There is a new way of looking for recipes today and Julie Evink of Julie’s Eats & Treats has the perfect site to find them.

Julie’s Eats & Treats is a blog site that provides simple and easy recipes using ingredients that you’ll usually find in your kitchen. Julie started the blog in the fall of 2010 as a way to share the recipes her friends were asking for. She had only read one blog on the internet that contained recipes so she thought it would be a great idea to start her own site. 

When she started it was only a hobby, as it was for about 90 percent of bloggers. At that point it was very hard to run ads on blogs or contract with companies to do sponsored posts. About two years into blogging, Julie found more opportunity for ads and sponsored posts which meant she could grow her blog and earn money off of it. “When I saw this,” Julie explained, “I knew I wanted to dig in more and grow my business.”

After blogging for seven years her business grew to the point where it was becoming a full-time job. She was also working full-time and raising two children. Her husband, Jason, helped her make the decision to do what was best for the family and quit her full-time job to run the blog full-time. This gave them greater flexibility in life and with family as their third child was on the way.

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