April 13, 2021

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TLC Pet Haven now with new owners

Tyler and Tera Erdman are the new owners of TLC Pet Haven in Hancock.

TLC Pet Haven in Hancock now has new owners

A visit to TLC Pet Haven 15 years ago, may have set a destiny for Tera Engebretson who was in fifth grade at the time. That destiny was to someday own the business she loved to visit. This dream is coming true for Tera and her husband, Tyler Erdman. They will be the new owners of TLC as of April 1, 2020.

Tera was only 11 years old when her aunt, Jackie Nohl, of Hancock brought her to TLC as a birthday gift. Tera stated that it was the best gift she ever received from her aunt. She always loved pets and at home with her parents, Terry and Linda Engebretson, they only had cats. She also spent a great deal of time with the cats at her grandmother, Louise Engebretson’s home. Tera just wanted to spend time with some dogs and that is just what she did for her birthday.

Time passed and Tera grew up but never forgot about that visit. She graduated from high school in Morris in 2012 and did an online degree in Veterinary Assistance but also got her generals by attending Ridgewater College. At the same time, Tyler Erdman was attending school in Benson and also graduated in 2012. He went on to Ridgewater College for Precision Ag farming. After getting his degree, he worked at John Deere in Morris. 

Tera and Tyler never met while attending Ridgewater at the same time. However, they feel they probably met on the road many times with Tyler driving to Morris and Tera to H & H Vet Clinic in Benson. Instead they met through a mutual friend and started dating. They were married Feb. 15, 2019 and now live on a farm site east of Hancock near West Zion Church.

Tyler now helps his dad, Robert Erdman, Jr., with farming. However, during the off season he will be helping Tera at the pet clinic. Tyler recently visited with Country Pet Food from DeGraff and arranged to carry their pet products including bird seed.

Tyler and Tera plan to keep up what Connie and Allan Charles started when they opened TLC Pet Haven several years ago. Connie explained that it was time to sell and slow down a bit. She had been thinking about it for quite some time but when Tera asked her about it, she knew that this was the right person to take over.

One change they are hoping to incorporate is to do Doggie Daycare. This will require a larger fenced-in area so the dogs can run. It would give customers an opportunity to drop off pets for a day, week or longer if needed. Tera will continue to do dog and cat grooming and they can respond to emergency situations when a place is needed for a pet during family medical, funerals or other emergencies. 

Tera and Tyler now have 2 dogs, farm cats and chickens at their home but best of all for Tera, they will have a lot of dogs at their place of work. Tera added that her mom now also has a dog, after all the kids are gone.

They are very excited to be taking over at TLC which will now be called Tera’s S’paw & Pet Resort. The official date to take over is April 1 and they say “that is no joke.” The couple is also looking forward to being a part of the community and getting to know the people in this area. An open house will be held later this year after they have installed the new fence and completed some other small projects.

Katie Erdman