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Walz to call for ‘localized’ plan in re-opening schools

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“The first day of school in 2020 will be unlike any we have ever seen before,” Governor Tim Walz said during Thursday’s news conference. 

In a long-awaited announcement, Walz outlined what will be the plan for schools to reopen this fall. Basically, he continued to discuss the three models he has been asking districts to prepare for – in-person learning, distance learning only, and hybrid learning with a mix of distance learning and in-class time.

Minnesota’s Safe Learning Plan for opening schools will be ‘localized’ with schools in each school district making its decision based on the number of COVID-19 cases in the county over a 14 days period. State education and health experts will provide updated data to schools to help them adapt their model of learning to the current number of cases. 

However, the decision about the opening model will be made by the local district after a thorough consultation process.

As the district and school leaders consider the plans for the school year, it is critical to first collect information regarding students, staff, buildings, buses, and technology. These data points, along with case numbers, will help determine the local plan and how it can be implemented in a safe manner.

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