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A Message to Businesses: Keep Your Shopping Local

This is what we hear from area businesses all the time. It is also something the newspaper promotes regularly. We encourage area residents to support local business as much as possible and not take those precious dollars out of town.

This past week, everyone in the area received a booklet containing ads from local businesses. Th e booklet was sold and printed by TownLink out of Sauk Centre. It was termed as a business card directory and contained no content.

The Stevens County Times is not pleased with this publication, primarily because it is taking advertising dollars away from us and giving them to a corporation 70 miles away. It puts local money into a publication that does nothing to support the town, the school or the county. The people who own the local newspaper and work here do support these places. They buy gas for their vehicles and even buy the vehicles here. They eat at the local restaurants, they purchase items from the retail stores, they utilize the local utilities and most of all, they spend their money here.  Placing your ad into something like this can be compared to throwing it out the window. There is no benefit as most people will just toss it in the garbage. 

We are constantly working on special sections and pages that salute, celebrate or promote our local people. We congratulate the school children on a job well done. We thank dairy, beef and pork producers and recognize the hard work of area farmers. The content of the newspaper each week includes stories about and pictures of people from the area. When we call or email you about being included on these pages or in special sections, it is not just to promote your business but also to help and support the people who patronize your business.

The Stevens County Times has a lot of fun things planned in the future so businesses, save up those advertising dollars. We are working with the Morris Area Chamber of Commerce to do a countywide business directory and tourism guide. It will not just contain your ad but also information about the communities in the county, maps for walking trails and other places of interest and be a guide for people visiting and living here.

We are also starting a section called “Did you hear” which is a portion of the paper dedicated to dining and entertainment of all types. It will be a place to look when you want to celebrate a special event or just looking for something to do. This is just the start of the many ideas we may be trying in the future.

I am asking businesses to send these people away when they come knocking at your door – especially if they are not from this area. Simply explain that you want to support the hometown newspaper and keep the money circulating here. Aft er all, it may just come right back into your pocket as readers decide to patronize your business in the same way you patronized ours.

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