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Even better to actually be at the fair

Last week I was excited to go to the Stevens County Fair but it was even better than anticipated. We had great weather, delicious food, wonderful exhibits and lots of fun.

I have heard many people say that the Stevens County Fair is one of the best fairs in the area. The entertainment and exhibits are a huge part of that. We have a wonderful 4-H group with lots of animals and an entire building of non-livestock exhibits. We have a great Homemakers building even though our numbers are dwindling. We have had an extraordinary number of open class exhibits. 

I have personal experience in each of these areas. My children were involved in 4-H, I have been a long-term member of the Hancock Homemakers and I have also entered things in open class. The competition is tough but it is so rewarding and educational to exhibit.

That is why I appreciate the exhibits so much. I know how much work has gone into them and the learning process it takes to get it just right. In 4-H and Homemakers you will get some comments from the judges that help for the next time you want to exhibit in that area. In open class you can learn by looking at what was considered at the top of the class.

The exhibitors are a small but vital part of a successful fair. We also have a wonderful Fair Board who make many decisions regarding the entertainment and setting of the fair. They are constantly making improvements to the grounds and buildings. It is a never ending process.

Then there are all the vendors who contribute so much including delicious food options. I love the food court area and the variety of choices. I can literally sit down with my family and everyone has something different to eat in front of them. Then we can taste and share in order to try out everything.

Thank you to everyone who made the fair such a great experience once again. I missed it last year and hope that we will never have to miss another.

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