March 8, 2021

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Favorite Season On Hold


My favorite fall sports are on hold Some of my favorite sports are played in the fall of the year. Football is one of them and volleyball comes in at the top. I have a grandson who plays football and a granddaughter who plays volleyball. That could be part of the reason that I enjoy these sports so much.

I worried about what was going to happen with the sports as I watched my grandchildren prepare for what they hoped would be a fall season. Tristyn is a junior on the varsity football team in Zimmerman, MN. He has played football since third grade and has been very successful at it. He goes to a trainer regularly to ‘bulk up’ and practices rigorously. All to play the sport he loves.

Jaedyn was just about to embark on her junior high volleyball career. She is going into the seventh grade at Morris Area and has played JO volleyball for several years. These games are usually in the early spring so playing next March – May will be very similar. However, she was excited to be part of the school fall volleyball program.

It was sad when the announcement was made about fall sports but I totally understand the reasoning. It would be diffi  cult to wear a mask while playing, especially football and we know they can’t avoid contact. In volleyball the players are usually farther apart, but at times that is not the case. Again, it would be hard to wear a mask while playing.

Both of my grandchildren took the news pretty good. They were almost expecting it and by hearing that the sport will still take place in the spring, helped ease the pain. They will now just work at staying in shape and getting ready for what promises to be a very busy March – July, 2021.

I believe that athletics is important in a child’s life. It teaches them about teamwork, dealing with loss, and how to celebrate a win without hurting the opponent. It also teaches them how to listen to a coach and fellow teammates. It keeps them in shape and often helps them learn about good nutrition and the proper ways to exercise. Sometimes it gets them out of bed early and keeps them off of their devices so they can experience more in their life.

My hope is that the children will be able to find a way to still get some physical activity this fall. Maybe do a neighborhood work-out group or spend time at the gym working on basic skills. Riding a bike is a great way to get exercise and when winter comes, do some sledding. Get those kids out there doing things to keep active. 

The school year will definitely have some challenges and be one to remember. Not having fall sports will just be a part of that but we can turn this into a positive. We can help our children find other ways to occupy their time and stay physically active. That in itself might be a challenge but is doable.

Katie Erdman