March 6, 2021

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Go Ahead, Make Someone’s Day

Last week as I was unlocking the door to begin my work day, an employee at the business next door yelled out and said “Good morning.” That simple little greeting put a smile on my face and made my day just a little bit brighter. It was a great way to start a new day. 

It is surprising what a simple little thing can do to help improve the day for others. A smile, a compliment, a greeting, a phone call, a gift, a card or even a kind gesture can brighten the day for someone else. It can also start the ball rolling for those people to pay it forward to others. 

I have been the recipient of some really wonderful day brighteners. Simply out of the blue I will receive some flowers, my daughter is good at that, and my entire day gets better. I have had some phone calls that really help lift my spirits and also some great complimentary emails or cards. My pastor will email me a Bible verse that is so fitting and is just what I need at the time. 

Sometimes I see posts on Facebook that make me laugh or smile. These are the ones I like to see as I quickly skim past the political or negative posts. I love the little jokes and memories that are all too familiar. I especially enjoy the pictures of my friends having fun and enjoying life. 

That is what this world needs right now. We need people to ‘make our day.’ Someone to do or say something good and not bad. A kind gesture or gift. A positive comment instead of negative words. We need to be confident in our leaders and let them do their jobs. 

I encourage each of you to make it a habit to brighten someone’s day every day or every couple days. This will have an effect that will move on from one person to the next. Eventually we could have a lot of smiling faces and happy hearts.

Katie Erdman