March 6, 2021

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Government Help During Tough Times


I think we can all agree that we have been going through some very difficult times since COVID-19 hit. Some people have been affected more than others and I find that those who are not really feeling the consequences of the disease, are sometimes not very sympathetic to others. Not about physical issues but more about financial situations. 

I have heard people make comments about the ones who are receiving government checks through grants, loans and unemployment. The one I hear about the most is the unemployment assistance checks. It upsets me sometimes to hear this because some of these same people have received unemployment through the years yet have little respect for other people who now get it. 

There are a lot of government programs and subsidies where funds are allocated regularly to specific occupations. These have become so commonplace that people are starting to expect it and really believe they deserve this every year. These funds are not traditionally available to other occupations even if they go through rough times. 

However, this year is different. Many of our businesses are struggling through hard times and I believe they deserve the help so generously given out to others. Paycheck protection was a blessing to both employers and employees who feared losing their jobs. Grant money through the CARES Act is helping businesses pay for things they needed to purchase for the protection of employees and customers. Basically, it is helping them stay afloat, hopefully until this is over. 

We need to be a little more understanding and less judgmental when you hear of people getting help through some of these programs. It is a difficult time for everyone, please don’t find fault in everything but look at the bigger picture. We all need a little help right now to get through this.

Katie Erdman