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In Politics Fair Is Fair

President-elect Joe R. Eiden Jr. and other Democrats are asking everyone to unify behind him and unify this country. 

However, I think they need to recall what they did the past four years: 

Thousands marching against Trump when he was elected. 

Thousands of women marching against Trump the day after his inauguration. 

Four years of Trump bashing by the liberal media. 

House speaker Nancy Pelosi, for all to see, tearing up a copy of Trump’s speech after his State of the Union address. 

The Mueller investigation by Democrats turning out to be a sham. 

A sham impeachment. 

Democrats crying: “Trump is not my president.” 

I’m not saying that the Republicans should act in kind; I’m just saying Biden and the Democrats must recall how they acted the past four years. And if some Republicans fail to unify around Biden, fair is fair. 

Ted Storck 

Morris, and Surprise, Arizona

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