April 16, 2021

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Letter: City Needs To Address Dangerous Parking Lot

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I am an anxious person when it comes to driving, especially in places that don’t have the best design. I also work in the strip mall across the parking lot from McDonalds – a happening place to swing through and get a bite. 

This might sound harsh, but I don’t understand how no one has died in this parking lot! 

It is just terrifying watching kids and people walk around the lot. Often cars weave through open spots to ‘beat’ someone else to the drive-through line at McDonalds and that’s just the vehicles. Not even taking into consideration how many semis roll through the lot and make tight turns. And I know I’ve watched many vehicles come close to hitting those parked closer to the drive-through lane. 

Yes, I understand the common lunch break is only thirty minutes, but I’ve watched so many near misses, I feel guardian angel. As if my watching the traffic keeps horrific accidents from happening. 

And in the winter, with the parking lot iced over, it’s even worse. And the risk of someone’s vehicle sliding is much greater. 

We’ve requested the parking lot be re-striped, but if it’s re-striped in the way it is laid out, I fear people will still bob and weave through slim empty spots just to be one or two cars ahead. 

I want to ask the public to please use caution and common sense in our parking lot (and everywhere) at all times, not just winter or busy times. Just think about how heartbreaking it would be for someone to destroy their vehicle or lose their life because someone else was careless in our small parking lot. 

Samantha Lemmerman