April 12, 2021

Stevens County Times

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Letter: Dark Days (A Rap-Style Poem)

Cats 4 and 5 are hurricanes Black Lives Matter –

Say their names: 

George Floyd, Jacob Blake – Each killed or hurt, 

A huge mistake. 

More that mistake –

An evil sin –

Where did all of this begin? With slavery. 

Color of skin. 

Systemic Racism. Ancestral sin. 

Fires rage in many states – Spreading just as fast as hate. 

Hate must be taught – Starts at the Top. 

Voting helps to make it stop. 

A pandemic, 

The Covid Plague 

Covers the World –

Not just our flag. 

Don’t spread! Stay back! Do what is asked. 

At the very least, 

Please wear a mask. 

We need some light 

To move ahead –

Listen to what Jesus said – “Dark days will come While we’re apart –

I overcame. 

Stand firm. Take heart.” 

Linda Winter­-Hodgson