April 16, 2021

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Letter: Fischbach would fight for ag

It has been brought to light in recent years that Collin Peterson is becoming more liberal. He has voted against President Trump 75 percent of the time, voting only 56 percent pro-life, stands behind Ilhan Omar and endorses Governor Walz, who has destroyed Minnesota. Oh and don’t forget, Collin endorses good old creepy Joe Eiden. You know the one that can’t finish a sentence. 

Many farmers think that because he is chair of the ag committee he has some pull and benefits Minnesota farms. For being in office for 30 years clouting he has so much influence, why did it take him over a year to get the USM CA on the floor for a vote? Why didn’t he take the lead and straighten out these trade deals that President Trump has been the leader on? Really, what has he been doing? 

Silent on Walz’s dictatorship destroying Minnesota, silent on letting foreign entities own U.S. slaughter plants that could disrupt our food chain and silent on Ilhan Omar disregard for America. 

Although Michelle Fischbach may not have the position of chair of the agriculture committee, she will be recommended to have a chair on the ag committee. She will have the ear of President Trump versus Collin Peterson having the ear of Nancy Pelosi and the Green New Deal Squad. Michelle will fight for agriculture and livestock producers in Minnesota. 

Please join me in retiring Collin Peterson to his rocking chair and elect Michelle Fischbach to fight for our true conservative values! 

Tiffany Lesmeister-Knott