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Letter: Get Vaccinated To Protect Others

Get vaccinated for COVID-19, or if for some God-forsaken reason you decide you are not going to be vaccinated, make certain you tell anyone you are going to be near for more than a few minutes, that you are not vaccinated. 

I write this, because a few weeks ago I was working outside, sitting with this person for about 30 minutes, without a mask. I assumed he had been vaccinated, for, after all, he is a well-educated person. Then a few days later, to my dismay, he was ill with COVID-19. 

It caused concern for me, of course. I am fully vaccinated, but I can still get sick, and at my age, I could end up in the hospital, and maybe die. The clinic suggested I be tested, and even though I was negative, the nurse said I should quarantine for about 10 days. Not a fun time. 

Had this person told me he was not vaccinated, I’d never sat close to him, and I’d not had the concerns and hassles. 

No, I’m not asking for anyone not vaccinated to go around crying out, “Unclean, Unclean,” but if you are going to be in close contact with someone for more than a few minutes, tell them you are not vaccinated, and that you may be carrying the virus. At least if you are vaccinated there is less opportunity to contract the disease and spread it. 

Ted Storck


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