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Letter: Tree Board encourages residents to do their part

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The City of Morris Tree Board encourages citizens to water the small boulevard trees near them to aid the city’s watering team.

High windy heat and this continued drought are stressing all vegetation but especially those trees planted in the last five years. They need our help to live.

Please give each tree a slowish soak of 5 gallons per week, preferably in the morning hours before 9 a.m. Early evenings can also work to help them out.

To get a rough idea what a 5 gallon soak is, find a 5 gallon bucket, set your garden hose on a slowish steady stream into the bucket and count or time how long it takes to fill the bucket. Then go out to your desired tree and water with the same stream of water for the same amount of time. If you can only find a 1 gallon ice cream pail, do the same but multiply your time by 5. Use a calculator if you have one.

Later in the day around high noon, go out into the shade of a mature tree and notice how much better you feel. 

Thank you.

Morris Tree Board

P.s. Those of you with string trimmers, please, please, please be careful and use restraint near these small vulnerable trees and actually all tree trunks. The string trimmer is not a grinder.

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