April 16, 2021

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Letter: We Need More ‘Stories Of Goodness’

Picture this: a mostly gray haired women sitting at a table for one, just three feet inside the door of the Hazelwood Restaurant in Bloomington.

The place was packed on this frigid Valentine’s Day. I had been given the only table available, in that I did not have a reservation.

However, I was where I wanted to be. I was relieved and thankful to have made the trip safely from Morris, to within blocks of the motel where I had reservations.

In the morning, I had an early flight out to meet friends somewhere considerably warmer.

As I was savoring the lobster bisque soup and roasted turkey and avocado sandwich, the waiter approached and told me, “I have some good news. Some nice couple just paid for your meal.”

I stared at him in astonishment! My mind rattled for something profound to say, but could only come up with, “Thank you! Tell them thank you!”

As I left the restaurant, the -40 degree wind chill did not seem as cold. I shared the story with the hotel clerks, the couple who rode the elevator with me, and with my family by group text. I continue to share it. I have been challenged to pass on the blessing.

Who wouldn’t want to see this whole page in the Stevens County Times, dedicated to the stories of shared goodness? I have been vividly reminded that often the little things, are actually the greatest things.

Maxine Koehl