March 6, 2021

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Letter: What do young people know of the Holocaust?

I am curious to know how much the young men and women of this country, and especially Stevens County, know about the Holocaust. 

Do they know that before and during World War II over six million Jews, along with Catholic priests, gypsies, gays and others were put to death by the Nazis? 

Do they know that it happened while law enforcement officers, attorneys and judges remained silent or took part? Do they know that many people who called themselves Christians either took part in this massacre, turned in their neighbors, or, at least, looked the other way? 

From what I hear, most of our young folks don’t know much about the Holocaust or have even heard of it. 

They must know Adolph Hitler and his government taught the German people to hate, and the result was the Holocaust. 

Today it seems we see hate everywhere, and a similar event could happen again where Jews or any other minority group are targeted. 

I am asking if the University of Minnesota Morris, the Morris Area schools, the Hancock schools, the Chokio-Alberta schools , St. Mary’s, as well as schools throughout our country, are teaching how hatred of Jews, and others resulted in the Holocaust.

I fear that if we forget the past and ignore history, something like the Holocaust could happen again. 

I also wonder if our young people are taught why World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, etc. were fought, and why they were started, or needed to be fought. 

Ted Storck 

Surprise, Arizona and Morris, Minnesota