April 16, 2021

Stevens County Times

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Letter: Praying for Tolerance

I am a U.S. Army Korean War veteran. Many times, the situation looked grim, and uncertain. And so I prayed. 

Today, many things also look grim, uncertain. For something bizarre is happening to us as a nation. Seldom have so many Americans felt such disdain and bitterness toward those who think differently – politically. 

To illustrate, my neighbor to the south says “Nope! I will not wear a mask. This coronavirus danger is overblown. And climate change is a hoax. 

Meanwhile, my north-side neighbor says, “Yup, covid is serious. Governor Walz’s policies are right on. And, Minnesota needs to adopt stricter vehicle emission standards to curb climate change. 

Both neighbors are good, patriotic Americans. 

Neither neighbor is telling lies (for lying implies intent to deceive or deny). Both neighbors genuinely believe their views to be true. 

Nationally, hate-filled conflict between political views is intensifying! Nor should we blame Mr. Trump for starting this. Bigotry was here long before. Tragically, it continues as a dangerous movement that deceitfully champions freedom and liberty, jeopardizing our democracy. 

Also, in our media, we encounter vastly different worldviews when switching from Fox News to MSNBC. Mean­-spirited, pundit ridicule inflames attitudes and politically motivated “spin” creates misinformation. Some talk-show hosts and social media sites create disrespect and defiance. Lastly, some speculate that perhaps “foreign powers” are meddling to see our nation weakened from within. 

So, how do we address all this? Praying for tolerance and truth is one way. Voting accordingly is another! In 2022 and 2024! 

Vern Simula