April 12, 2021

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Letter: Social Distancing, Masks, Testing Needed

Letter to the Editor

We’re all missing something important during this time, and it changes depending on each household. It could be missing your friends or going out to dinner. It could be missing a paycheck, health insurance and the security that both hold for your household. Many teachers, faculty, and staff  are missing their students and the gathering that happens during weekly church services is also missed right now.

In all of this, we are missing the certainty of what will be happening next, and it seems every day, more questions and worries are raised. Because of this, I’ve seen our community take to new ways to be supporting one another. 

We’ve seen restaurants off er their food via delivery or pick-up services, and distance learning, along with meal delivery being carried out by the staff  at the school. Churches have been 

off ering online worship services, and increased emergency food relief is continuously being 

off ered. All of this does not fill every need, but it is important evidence of how a community can be supportive during these challenging times. And through each challenge we’ve seen healthcare, farm workers, grocery store workers, along with other essential employees, show up to work each week. How do we prevent what happened in the example of Worthington, so that farmworkers are guaranteed safety precautions are taken in their workplace? Their safety needs to be guaranteed. No one should have to sacrifice this.

To ensure that we do not extend the most devastating parts of COVID-19 for longer than what’s already expected, we must continue social distancing measures until adequate testing and care is available, and make certain to ensure essential employee safety. We stay home, wear masks, wash our hands, extend our support, call neighbors, and more so that everyone can feel safe and supported right now. This affects us all.

Abbey Dickhudt