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Step Up To Retain Prairie Pioneer Days

For the last few months we have been hearing that a new group is needed to take on the Prairie Pioneer Days celebration in Morris. The Morris Area Chamber of Commerce took it on temporarily and is now ready to pass it to another group or organization. However, they are getting very little response to the request.

I can remember when the first Prairie Pioneer Days were held. An Alfalfa Arch was even attempted to recreate that famous one from years ago. The craft booths in the park filled all the spaces and the other events were well attended. People came from a large area to take part in the many different activities.

I don’t know what has happened to make that slow down. There has definitely been a decrease in craft booths which also makes for a decrease in people attending that event. I even think there used to be street dances which have also fallen on the wayside. The parade is the one thing that seems to remain very popular but even this has been criticized because of the day it is held. 

Some people say that the changes happened when it was moved from July to September. I can see the reasoning for moving it. There are a lot of area people who have campers and lake homes who are gone in July, but they can also be gone in September.

In my opinion, if a community, especially the community where you live, holds a celebration all residents should make the time to be part of it in some way. They should also appreciate and support the ones who are taking on the planning and execution of the event. It is work, but it is 

I really hope that a group of people will step up and contact the Chamber in order to keep this celebration going. It is good for the businesses, the children love it and even good public relations for the town. It shows that we are a community who can work together to make good things happen. 

Take a look around at some of our surrounding communities, even those that are much smaller in population. They are able to make it work and I think Morris could and should do so also.

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