February 27, 2021

Stevens County Times

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‘There Is Nothing In The Newspaper’

We have been hearing this lately from people when they debate whether or not to renew the newspaper. It is distressing to hear, especially by those of us who are hard pressed to find something to put in the paper each week. That is made worse by the pandemic and shut down of nearly every event we have covered over the years.

Basically, there is not a lot to put in the newspaper because there is not a lot happening right now. However, we are trying to do whatever we can to find little things to write about and naturally, there are always those meetings.

The county commissioners, school board and city council meetings continue to be held and there really is a lot of information for the public about what is happening at those meetings. We are also announcing COVID-19 related changes and updates. These include business openings and closings, school and sports determinations, recent case numbers and suggestions on how to stay safe.

Normally at this time of year the newspaper would be full of pictures from the fair. We would be running information for college students and a big Welcome Back event. It would be a busy time for local businesses as they get ready for the UMM students to move back to town. Our offi  ce would also be gearing up for a busy fall as sports and school activities resume.

That is all diff erent this year. We can report on a few activities but most are canceled. We are not getting ideas for feature stories as people are not stopping, calling and emailing with suggestions. I am sending out emails to people asking for permission to interview or do a story on their current situation. Sadly, many of these people decline my suggestion. 

What I am asking and hoping is that our loyal subscribers continue to renew and just wait for things to get back to normal. Our business is struggling just like so many others and waiting for a chance to cover events like normal. It is not an easy time we are living through. We all need to be understanding and encouraging instead of critical. We are also asking for you to remember us with you see or hear an idea for a story. We are open to suggestions and love to get submitted pictures.

Next time you pick up your edition of the Stevens County Times, look at what is in there and be thankful that you are still able to keep in touch with the few things that are still taking place. We hope to do that for many more years.

Katie Erdman