March 1, 2021

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Letter: What’s Your Sign Mean?

What does your BLM sign signify?  Is it a statement proclaiming the importance of wanting to end social and racial injustices (but so far you have only taken the action of poking a sign in your yard), or are you proclaiming your allegiance to the Marxist BLM organization? Not sure what I mean?  

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization are trained Marxists, a well-publicized fact by their co-founders.  Credit to those founders for selecting such a clever name to disguise (very subtly) the difference between a statement (the importance of Black lives) and a movement designed to undermine the US.  

Objections to the movement appears like an objection to the statement, therefore deeming you a racist.  The intended meaning is that you want social and racial justice, but also implied is that you support an organization that’s ideology fringes on communism (which is full of injustice).  Lenin used Marxism (very violently) in Russia in 1918 pitting groups against each other, creating hate; inciting violence, rioting, and murder, based on their “class” to generate a revolution – sound familiar lately?  

To get to true equality with Marx’s theory, it would require communism. Communism will only lead to economic collapse and individual freedoms stripped. Communism is a complete state ownership of your life and government control of everything.  

If you are wanting to defund the police, clearly you do not want more governmental control.  That control would prevent you the liberty to put a sign in your front yard – in fact, you wouldn’t even have a front yard to claim.  

So, what’s your sign?  

I have no issue with people exercising their lst Amendment rights and will not infringe on that – in fact, I applaud it.  Understand that these rights are not exclusive to you alone, and that I have the same right (thanks to equality).  

It is good to stand up for something, but better if you understand fully what it is you stand for.  I struggle with the hypocrisy that is veiled in your sign that is telling me you are willing to give up your 1A rights, and in essence your sign and your voice.  

Can we start taking real steps toward ending social and racial injustices without all the violence, utilizing more meaningful signs and actions, without the shredding of liberty and the United States?  Everything we need to ensure equality and justice is included in the framework of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I don’t think it is “We The People” that are holding back the progress, it is those that are supposed to be working for “We The People” that are.  The Oath of Allegiance is required for new US citizens, perhaps those of us born here should review that oath as a refresher for what it means to be American.  If you are not interested in being an American (born here or naturalized) – why are you here?

Darron Carr, Morris