April 16, 2021

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When Will The Election Be Over And What Is Next?

If we had a normal election, we should have a president selected by now but that seems to not be the case this year. On November 3, I was so ready for all the ads and news about the election to be over but it was just beginning. It could take weeks before the results are finalized. 

I guess we may be getting what some of us wished for. I was one who was tired of hearing about Covid-19 on the news every day and wished for something different. Well we got that now. I think there has to be more news than Covid and the presidential election. 

It is scary to hope for something else on the news because we never know what we will get. Even major hurricanes, fires and terrorist attacks do not get the coverage they once got. 

I work in the news industry and I still get frustrated by the constant repetition of the news. In the newspaper we try to keep people updated while still including the latest news events. 

The thing about this election that frustrated me the most was the all-day coverage the next day. There was absolutely nothing to be reported on, yet programs were preempted simply for newscasters to repeat the same thing over and over. And it may still not be done with recounts looming ahead. 

It is time for the losing candidate to admit it and concede. As I am writing this column, it has not happened yet. I hope it does soon so we can all get on with our lives and move forward as a country. Raising more controversy is not good for any of us, especially during this stressful time. 

What I am looking forward to, is something put forth to us in the campaign promises. As soon as the new president takes office, this virus will be brought under control. That would mean that in late January, after inauguration day, things will be back to normal. 

It is an optimistic way of looking at the future. In a time of so much uncertainty, we need this tiny bit of hope, even though we know it will probably not be reality.

Katie Erdman