February 27, 2021

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Coaches used to flexible spring season

For Hancock and Morris Area / Chokio-Alberta, having games for the spring season start in mid-to-late April is fairly normal. In fact, in 2018, games weren’t played until after April 20 because of field conditions. So last week’s MSHSL restriction of no contests until April 6 did not have much of an effect on area teams.

“After Tuesday, March 17, there will be no practices held until after March 27 and this date could get pushed back, but as of now we are hoping to start practice with all of our sports on Monday March 30,” Hancock baseball coach, and athletic director, Chad Christiansoin said. “Spring sports have always been flexible. There have been many years where teams have been in a gym for well over a month because of temperatures and snow cover. I think that whichever date spring sports are able to start on, if you take the COVID-19 out of it, most teams would see it as a normal spring. Now as the start date keeps getting pushed back, or we start getting very nice weather with no snow cover, that is when we will notice that this is different then a normal year.”

“I know for baseball there have been years where we did not play a home game until May due to snow on the field,” Christianson added.

As of now, no complete season cancellations have been announced by the MSHSL and there is still a chance that spring sports will happen.

“I’m more used to fighting the weather, so we always try to cover what we can in a gym setting, but it’s tough when now we can’t even do that,” Hancock softball coach Snyder said. “We had a great first week of practice and the girls’ energy and attitudes were on another level, so it’s unfortunate to have this hiatus when we were just getting going.”

The bigger picture is what matters right now, Morris/C-A softball coach Mary Holmberg said.

“As educators, we must do our part in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. If that means putting our season on hold for a period of time, it is what we will need to do,” Holmberg said. “For the past 41 years, I have always looked forward to the start of softball and being with the kids. I know it is disappointing for the kids, but everyone is making sacrifices to keep people safe… I think it is important that we do our part to ensure the safety of the people in our community.”

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