Stevens County studying how to deal with marijuana legalization

Communities around Minnesota are still figuring out how they will deal with the recent legalization of recreational marijuana as they wait for more direction on the rules and regulations that will govern sales.

Under the new law, recreational marijuana is legal as of Tuesday, Aug. 1, to possess, use and grow at home. Possession of cannabis flowers will be limited to 2 pounds at home and 2 ounces in public. Other possession limits include 800 milligrams of THC in gummies and other edibles and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate. THC is the ingredient in marijuana that gets a person high.
Exceeding the limit could bring a civil penalty of $500 per plant.

To use cannabis products, a person must be 21 or older. It can’t be smoked, eaten, or consumed in beverages on public school grounds or in places where a minor could inhale the smoke or vapor. Cannabis products can’t be consumed in a vehicle or boat.

Monday, the League of Minnesota Cities released a memo stating that cities will have to pass their own laws governing the public use of marijuana that aren’t covered by current law.

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