Thank Our Officers

Letters to the Editor. It is frustrating to be a cop these days. We hire a guy or gal to do a job, a job too rotten for us to do. Then we isolate them, fight them, ignore them. It’s been going on for years, and it is getting worse. Good men and women are leaving our police, and others are not joining. Morris is one indication. It could not hire enough officers. We must not let it happen elsewhere. We have to care, we have to do something. You have heard it and read it a hundred times before; you should write your officials; support new tax measures; back legislation. Yes, you tell yourself you’ll do those things, when you have time. But, here’s something you can do right now and it won’t take any time at all: Smile and wave at the next police officer or deputy you see around Morris and Stevens County.

Ted Storck
Police officer for the City of
Los Angeles 1972-1975