The power of a letter

Once upon a time, a Morris Area Elementary 4th grade student, Alaina Hoffmann, sent a handwritten note (via email, and her mom) to her favorite author, James Riley. To her surprise, she received a response from him, saying that he was excited that she liked his books. Through a series of back-and-forth messages, the author learned that Alaina was interested in getting his books in her school library. Mr. Riley reached out to Lori Kurpiers at the Morris Area Elementary School Library, offering to send book copies.
“Please thank Alaina for me, as her pushing the books is really the greatest compliment I could ever receive,” he said. She has even chosen several of Riley’s books this year for her persuasive speeches to encourage her classmates to read the books.
Ms. Kurpiers surprised Alaina this week with the box of 14 books. Alaina did not know the books had been sent. And now her classmates are clambering to check them out!
James Riley is the New York Times bestselling author of the Half Upon a Time series, the Story Thieves series, and the Revenge of Magic series. He currently lives in Northern Virginia.
Alaina is the daughter of Lacey and Marty Hoffmann of Morris.